Behavioral Health

Outpatient Addiction Recovery Services

ABJ is licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS)Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA) and accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) to provide Level I and Level II Intensive outpatient treatment services.

ABJ offers chemical dependency treatment on an outpatient basis to adults and adolescents who abuse or are addicted to alcohol, prescription medications or illegal drugs. ABJ’s continuum of addiction treatment care includes referrals to residential care and/or intensive outpatient treatment programs followed by individualized continuing care programs to maintain recovery. Length of treatment is based on each patient’s needs.  We currently serve an average of 25 clients per month through referrals from TASC, Juvenile Court, and Adult Probations, in this program.  Walk-ins and self-referrals are also accepted.

In addition to treating chemical dependency, ABJ has expertise helping clients address coexisting mental health conditions, such as depression. ABJ focuses on treating the whole person. A physician and an addiction counselor will develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient that addresses their addiction, emotional concerns and any active medical problems. Our highly trained therapists have many years of experience in helping people overcome chemical dependency. Whether you or someone you know are in need of intensive outpatient treatment or just occasional support, ABJ’s addiction programs offer a variety of services to help.

The program focuses on assisting patients in developing life skills which help them to regain stability in their lives, and to build a foundation based upon recovery. Clinically-managed interventions are directed by certified treatment professionals trained in gender specific and culturally sensitive treatment services, to address patient’s individualized needs to develop and apply recovery skills.

Through educational lectures, therapeutic groups, and individual 1:1 sessions, patients are encouraged to learn and make lifestyle changes necessary to overcome barriers to recovery and problems that precipitate relapse while living in their neighborhood community. Treatment services also include outreach, intervention services, medical/psychiatric linkages, knowledge of the 12-step self-help recovery network, case management services, aftercare planning, and HIV/communicable diseases education, testing and counseling.

ABJ recognizes that emotional/behavioral health is a central part of community health and wellness.


Make a Donation

Your donation can change an individual’s emotional perspective, this is the key to all change:

$15 – Can subsidize an early intervention workshop to raise teen awareness of the impact of substance abuse.

$25 – Provides for an individual or family to have an intervention session to encourage someone to change their addiction lifestyle and engage in treatment

$50 – Provides for a comprehensive mental health assessment which is the starting point of most therapeutic change

$100 – Provides for an assessment and the development of a treatment plan and beginning of short-term counseling.

$250 – Provides support to individuals in crisis, including counseling, case management and referral resources


Services Provided:

 Individual Consultation Customized Treatment Plans. 
A comprehensive evaluation starts you on the road to lasting sobriety. We offer individualized needs assessment and treatment planning.

• Referrals to residential and detoxification programs based on assessed level of care.
A residential addiction program provides a safe and supportive environment while providing the tools needed for recovery.

• Outpatient Addiction Program
This outpatient treatment program supports strategies for real-world sobriety. Behavior Modification, didactic/therapeutic groups, relapse prevention planning, family participation, individual counseling support, toxicology services, HIV/STD education and testing referrals.

• Continuing Care Programs
A series of programs focus on each stage of recovery: Early Recovery, Recovery Maintenance and Family Recovery, Relapse Prevention Support, referrals to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and housing referrals.

• Adolescent Intervention Services
This family-centered program is for teens aged 12 to 17 who have addiction disorders. They also have educational programs and resources for families and parents.

We provide services in schools, churches, community based agencies and homes. Most services are provided at no cost to the participant!

ABJ is committed to protecting the privacy of people who participate in its programs and abides by all applicable federal and state laws that protect such confidentiality. Services are funded in part by IDHS/DASA

ABJ offers a comprehensive approach to behavioral health services. Therapist work to preserve and strengthen families by offering in-home as well as confidential office based services. Concerns are matched with appropriate services to assure that each of the client’s needs are addressed.

Our professional staff understands that the family is the nucleus of our society. When abuse, abandonment, drug dependency, mental illness, trauma, or neglect impacts the family, intervention is crucial.

Our professional staff is Master’s level clinicians who hold a variety of state licenses and credentials. Our current services include:

• Individual Counseling

• Family Counseling

• Child Therapy

• Group Therapy

Our professional staff of Master’s level clinicians hold a variety of state licenses and credentials.


Individual Counseling

All services are confidential and provided by our highly trained staff.