Community Engagement & Empowerment

Movement of People for Peace (M.O.P.P.)

M.O.P.P. is a Humanitarian Right to Live (human rights) Movement calling for the protection of children and youth from gun violence.  M.O.P.P.’s mission is to serve as a catalyst to unify individuals and organizations dedicated to creating a culture of peace for youth and adults in communities across the United States

Inter-generational Peace Circles

Offered in collaboration with 003rd District Community Alternatives Program Strategies (CAPS)

What is the circle process?

  • It provides a welcoming safe space for youth and adults
  • A practice that allows for value based conversation in a nonjudgmental environment that promotes positive relationships within the community
  • A framework for working toward solutions. It provides a platform for less defensive conversations, promotes trusting relationships, and allow participants to bring forth their best ideas and fully use their talents.
  • It cultivates a space where people are unafraid and the emphasis is on the exchange of ideas
  • The circle process fosters a spirit of learning and gives people a new way to communicate

Call 877-822-4ABJ (4225) for more information