Employment & Training

$10 - Can support the mission of ABJ Community Services, Inc.

$15 - Provides school supplies to children on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).

$25 - One week of transportation to and from work will help needy single mothers struggling to make ends meet on minimum wages.

$50 - Two weeks of job preparation workshops that helps unemployed women transition from public assistance to employment and self-sufficiency.

$100 - Provides unemployed woman with career internships and career coaching.

$250 - Supports unemployed individuals through completion of professional skills training (security, food service, fork-lift, etc.) and job placement.


Employment Services

ABJ’s Employment and Training Program partners with businesses to fill their entry level positions. Critically important to the success or every business is having the right person for receptionist, customer service associate, clerk or assistant. We match the skills and abilities of job seekers to the needs of employers.


Applicant Training

Our two-week training program provides applicants with skill building knowledge in specific competencies such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and customer service. Our goal is to help employment candidates succeed in their chosen field of employment (manufacturing, transportation, custodial maintenance, health care, hospitality, or service). Employers can feel confident that they are hiring a more productive employee to fulfill their business need.


Competitive Transitioning

ABJ’s Employment and Training program is designed to help applicants acquire skills need to compete in today’s job market. We accomplish this through a network of educational and training partners as well as a professional and dedicated staff.


What We Offer:

A pool of applicants who are prepared to make productive contributions to your workplace
An ABJ representative to assist your HR with recruitment and pre-employment screening
On-the-job Training/EarnFare to assure successful worker transitioning
Employer tax incentives (according to eligibility)
Industry specific labor market information
Customer service training for your employees

*Some employers may be eligible for workers in a special program called EarnFare. In this program, the Illinois Department of Human Services provide a work stipend for up to 2 weeks, giving employers an opportunity to train (free of cost) before transitioning their new hire.


How Employers Benefit!

There is never a fee for our services. We offer the most cost effective approach to producing a pool of qualified candidates for your open positions. You save money in the areas of personnel recruitment, job advertisement pre-employment screenings and training new hires. Our employer network is comprised of both businesses and workforce professionals, working together to create the right job match for you.
Our representatives have a wealth of information that will help your business stay alive and competitive – from business tax incentives to financial reimbursements for on the job training. Our partnerships with educational institutions and occupational training centers gives ABJ a unique competitive advantage. We help turn ordinary jobs into long-term careers. Our services help employers reduce employee turnover and build future workforce capacity.