ABJ 70/70 Membership Club

ABJ 70/70 Membership Club

For the past 21 years ABJ Community Services, Inc has served as a caregiver for a very broken community.  This includes having been caregiver of children torn from their homes due to neglect, abuse, and/or abandonment.  ABJ has fought through systems, processes, policies, and laws to assure that services were provided in the best interest of each and every child.

Today, ABJ has taken on the care of the often forgotten teen population who suffer from a range of disparities that negatively impact their lives.  Presently, we advocate for peace in the community, a stronger education system, job opportunities, careers and higher education.  But more than ever we need help; we need your help.  That’s why we are launching the ABJ 70/70 Membership Club to consist of 70 people who care enough to sow financial seeds into our work as caretakers of our youth in a still broken and vulnerable community.

Our mission and work is severely hindered without support from other community caretakers who care enough to help us as we serve others.  Are you one of the 70 who cares enough to give?  If so, become a member today and help us continue our strong legacy as caretakers.  As a 501c3 recognized organization your contribution may be tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.


Complete the form below and choose your membership level

Community Caregiver

$700 one-time annual gift
Your name or the name of a loved one will be added to our webpage, e-blasts, and Wall of Fame.


$70 monthly for 10 months
Your name or the name of a loved one will be added to our Wall of Fame.


$70 one-time patron gift
Your name will be added to our e-blasts.

Your membership also includes discounts to ABJ events and activities, exclusive invitations, and more!!!  Make your gift today and you may receive tax deductions to the extent allowable by law


Yes! I am one of the 70!

ABJ 70/70