I am not surprised that the time has arrived for me to use social media as a means to enhance and reinforce my position on things that matter to me.  I am deeply concerned about the state of the world and of the African American community, especially concerning our youth.  I must now take greater measures to help them discover and walk in truth.  In their essence, they are strong, bright, intelligent, loving, and passionate people not unlike our ancestors.  Our youth and community must now embrace the very essence of who we are and our role in the world today.  This invitation to walk in the truth of self is extended to all who desire to remove your mask and Face the Truth of who you are.  I hope that this BLOG-MY VOICE will stimulate and stir up the greatness in you.

Allow me to share my very first spoken word piece, written June 25, 2016.  For you —Our true world champions — teens, youth, and young adults:

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer…my tongue pens my praise – write it

My tongue shouts with adoration – tell it….My tongue sings Hallelujah – record it

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer…my tongue burns with flames, my finger touches my tongue with fire…igniting the black coal….burning with the black, cold Truth

My tongue burns like wildfire, hardly can be contained

I’m ready now….ready to write with my tongue…ready to publish My Voice or rather – HIS VOICE—-my tongue is a masterful mouthpiece…..mouth piece the piece that brings peace…..piece the piece that brings Justice….piece the piece that brings Truth….My tongue is my pen so I pen it

His Truth marches all across the pages of my life…It marches all across my journey…my tongue moves me to the far country…into the deep water—-like the Jordan river, quite chilly and even cold, submerged in Truth—-splashing and sprinkling HIS Righteousness for I have none on my own

My voice is my pen—my tongue is my ink….my tongue is the pen of a ready writer—-and so now my tongue is graced with favor, well- oiled to be penned—the young men shall see it…they will know it….they will show it….THEY SHALL WALK IN IT—–in the ink of my tongue…..UHM, they shall spread it…..The truth of Who they are….My tongue is marching…….Marching with Truth…INK JET…..INK Power…..with grace…Anointed to speak it with my ink….My tongue is the pen of a ready writer…Penning with my tongue….penning with my right hand though born with the writing of my left hand…..using my left hand to turn princes to the Right….. to The One who sits on the right hand…Write Pen—-flicker tongue—–burn it with THE TRUTH…Not hiding from the Truth….No!  Write it —Pen it….Touch the king in you!!!  My tongue is the pen of a ready writer…burning now, like coals of fire, spitting out the fire and the burnin’ in my hand….my heart is in my hand, my hand is in my tongue, and my tongue is my pen….My tongue is the pen of a ready writer….SO now I Write….I Speak……..I Sprinkle…..I Spit….I Splash….I Publish…I Sing….I Write…. I March…..I Record…..I Talk…..I Walk…..I Write God’s Truth…..

The Truth about who YOU ARE — write it

The Truth about who HE IS — pen it

The Truth about US in HIM and HIM in us – record it in your heart

Touch the Truth—-Speak the Truth—–Clutch the Truth—-Worry the Truth—-FACE The Truth——no fear, no fear, no fear ………….My tongue is the pen of a ready writer—

Pastor Victoria C. Brady

Inspired by Psalm Number 45 The Holy Bible (King James Version)