Become a Volunteer

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer?  Would you like to share your knowledge/skills with others?  If so, please complete the form below or contact us at 773.667.2100 ext 243.

Food Pantry

  • Food Drive
  • Packaging and Distributing Food Bags


  • Photography/Video ABJ Events
  • Share expertise/teach basic literacy course
  • Help develop social media content
  • Newsletter

Professional Development

  • Donate graphic design skills and/or printing services
  • Help secure donations of goods (e.g., laptop computers) or services (e.g., catering)
  • Help with community Events
  • Help develop/lend resources to a marketing campaign
  • Secure other professionals to provide services (e.g., trainers, facilitators)
  • Tutor/Mentor youth/adults
Let us know why you'd like to volunteer or if you have a specific project/event in mind!